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Privacy regulations in the EU impact your organisation

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All private compancies and governmental bodies processing personal data linked to Europe are in scope of the new Regulation resulting in stronger obligations for data controllers and processors. More rights for data subjects. Stronger regulators will have to work internationally together. Severe penalties in case of non-compliance.

Learn About The Challenges

How to make your company ready for the new Regulation? How to create a professional governance? How to monitor? How to create awareness?  How to make privacy work for you?

'How to ... ?' Many questions coming to the final question: "How to safeguard the trust of all your stakeholders that you are doing the right thing regarding Privacy?"

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Build a transparant governance. Do gap analyses and write remediation plans. Create awareness within the organisation. Introduce more efficient policies, procedures and tools. Upgrade your IT solutions and workflows based on the privacy by design principles.

In two words: get ready.

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.. to  a point .. :-)

But we will support your efforts to implement the necessary improvements in an efficient and cost-friendly way in order to give management and all stakeholders a reasonable assurence that what is needed is done according the state of art.

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Privacy Intelligence was created, as its name suggests, to support your projects in becoming compliant with the existing and future Privacy legislation, and by doing so to respond to the expectations of all your stakeholders (clients, staff, suppliers, shareholders, supervisors, media, public interest groups, etc.).

Privacy legislation is complicated and requires specific experience. How to understand these expectations? How to interpret the law? All of this must be translated in a solid governance model (the main requirement in the new Regulation). Such a model requires organizational and technical implementations; policies, standards and procedures; awareness and training for all involved; Monitoring and reporting remains an important issue: how to keep cost under control and turn this investment into a competitive advantage (and therefore a differentiator)?

Privacy is all about TRUST. How to create trust?

Personal information is becoming the asset of the present and the future. In our world of big data and the speed this data moves around, the individual risks losing his most precious asset: the fact to be an individual.

Yes, it is true, many individuals do not realize the consequences of their behavior, but this does not mean that we, as data controllers, do not have the responsibility and the ethical obligation to safeguard their personal data and their identity.

For whom is Privacy Intelligence?

Data controllers are all private companies and governmental entities processing personal data and are thus in scope. However, not only controllers need expertise. Other stakeholders, like public interest groups, supervisors (local and European Privacy Commissions), ... must also prepare themselves. Supervisors will get more important responsibilities, not in the least the monitoring and audit requirement. How to translate the legal framework to standards and how to control them efficiently?

Privacy Intelligence can help. We have over 10 years of experience on how privacy works on the field. How to analyze existing organizations and upgrade IT processes and workflows? How to create solid governance? How to organize training and awareness? How to write policies and standards? How to monitor? How to organize specific procedures e.g. breach management?


Recent publication:

Veltmans, K. 2014. 'Privacy Regulation: Be Prepared!'. Journal Of Business Compliance, Volume 3, No. 5, October 2014. Berlin, Erich Schmidt Verlag.


"Privacy" is a notion we all hold dear as an integral part of our personality. It represents the mystery we represent to the rest of the world, our key to uniqueness. Nevertheless, in a society where the prominence of big data is growing at an exponential speed, is there still a place for Privacy? In Europe, we think there is. Privacy is considered a fundamental human right, and companies or government organisations processing ever larger quantities of personal data are submitted to more and more stringent rules. It is therefore counterintuitive to the European mind when companies give the impression that they consider personal data as “just another resource”; a commodity.



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